Why have Smart home sensors?

Wireless sensors on your windows and doors allow you to be alerted on your smart phone or mobile device in the...
Why have Smart home sensors?
Smart sensors on your windows and doors can detect when either have been opened

Smart security is here, and it fits in with the here and now technology we are all becoming accustomed to, especially as most homes now own a smart hub. Wireless sensors on your windows and doors allow you to be alerted on your smart phone or mobile device in the event of anything happening with your property, it’s also a great way to keep an eye on people coming and going within your home and can even now be used for switching on of lights and heating ahead of arriving home. Below are some of the devices in which smart sensors are being used to protect homes.

Doors and Windows

Smart sensors on your windows and doors can detect when either have been opened. What great about the new smart wireless sensors are the fact that they are simple to fit, easy to use and provide instant peace of mind.
Sensors on your doors and windows are also less likely to be triggered by pets or everyday movement in rooms such as curtains / insects etc. A door or window sensor is Formed of two pieces, the first piece is attached to the actual door or window itself, whilst the other piece is attached to the frame. This means that when the door or window is closed shut, the circuit is complete, and so considered ‘closed’. Once the door or window is opened, the circuit is broken, and so an alert is triggered.
You can just purchase and fit the sensors right away you will obviously need a smart home hub to operate from, But when you do have a hub you can usually buy the quantity required to cover the most vulnerable openings within your home, a good basic covering would be your exit doors (back and front doors) and accessible windows, such as those on the ground floor or located over flat roofs.
What’s great is that the sensors are so easy To set up, all you do is just install the batteries, download and install the app on your smartphone or tablet, load on the sensor and make sure it is registering, choose and set your location name and then simply attach the two parts of the sensor to the two parts of the window or door. Then your device is ready and all being well you will receive alerts when doors or windows are opened when the system is set.

Motion detecting sensors

As the name states a motion detector detects motion within a room, again they are easy to install and very easy to use. One thing to take note with motion detectors is that you will need to be prepared for the possibility of false alarms (although now rarely thanks to advances in technology).
A Motion detector sensor uses infrared technology to detect movement within a set area, when the sensor detects movement it will trigger. Modern day and smart sensors have the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the detector and also have the option to only sound when two devices within your home are triggered, this helps bring down false alarms often caused by insects, curtains or pets.
On detecting movement, the motion sensor sends a notification to your smartphone or tablet. You’ll need to pair it with a compatible Again the same as the window and door sensors you will need to have a smart home hub, and the same again the set up of the detector is easily done by simply adding the batteries, registering the device and its location onto the smart app then you just situate the detector In the location you have chosen, These are easily fitted by using the adhesive pads included with the detector, or you have the option for the sensor to be freestanding and not on a surface.
The beauty of the smart motion sensor is its versatility. Use it to trigger other actions that are set up on your smart home hub, such as switching on lights when motion is detected.

Presence sensors

Presence sensors are different from motion sensors, they indicate whether something or someone is at a set location, rather than detecting movement.
Presence sensors can be attached to a person or a pet, or can be put onto a valuable belonging within your home, the sensor will trigger an alert every time they leave or arrive home or if the object the sensor is on is moved.
These sensors can be used to trigger customised events, such as automatically switching on the lights when you approach your home.

Ready to go smart with your home security?

If your thinking of upping your security or looking at what smart home security solutions would best suit you and your needs, please do get in contact with the All Secure team via our website of by calling the office.


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