Is DIY security the best option for you?

Are thinking of purchasing a DIY home security solution for your home?
Is DIY security the best option for you?

If you are thinking of purchasing a DIY home security solution for your home, then you would have undoubtedly come across a wide variety of wireless home security systems from many different suppliers. Wireless home security systems are beginning to take over the home security market for many reasons. But not all wireless systems will be the best solution for every home in this post are some things to consider before you decide to purchase a DIY alarm.

Disadvantages of a DIY Home Security System

Building your own system to suit your home can become expensive, expanding your system with more components becomes pricey and many companies set higher price components because of this. For example, basic DIY alarm kits start from £239.00 for a small system consisting of a Hub, Keypad, Siren, 2 Sensors and a window contact and the larger kits can cost up to £469.00. Once you start adding additional window sensors, motion detectors and remote controls to your system the cost will soon add up.
It’s something to consider when you think an intruder alarm installed by an Accredited Security company with a first-year maintenance that included 24/7 technical assistance can cost from £599 Upwards depending on your system requirements and size.

You don’t get a service.
Home alarm companies will come out and carry out a quote to determine your security options, Security companies don’t have a basic package, so they can build your system to suit your needs getting the products direct from supplier. The options from a security company are always better with products such as battery backups, redundant alerts, pet-immune motion sensors, panic buttons, fire monitoring (with fire company alert), and more. A DIY home alarm generally does not offer anything beyond basic wireless security.

No Connection to Police
One of the biggest advantages to a monitored alarm system is that the police and/or fire company is alerted in case of emergency. This does not happen with a DIY system, which notifies you (and others you put on the notification list), making it your responsibility to decide on the next course of action.

Limited Warranty and/or Support
Once you buy your DIY system that is it and you’re often on your own. The manufacturer may be on hand to answer a few basic questions, but you won’t be able to call for regular tech support, so when your system goes off at 2am who are you going to call? Many security companies such as ourselves are getting calls regarding DIY home alarm system issues, problems such as customers having problems installing components, batteries on the systems failing and even the systems continually going off. With an alarm installed by an accredited security installer such as ourselves you get peace of mind knowing someone is on hand 24 hours a day 365 days a year to assist you.

You’re Responsible for Repairs
With an industry installed traditional burglar alarm, your alarm company supplier will replace faulty equipment, investigate system issues and have someone on hand when you need them. With a DIY system, if a component (or the entire system) fails, the replacement cost is yours which can prove pricey.

Incorrect Installation
As the name suggests DIY means do it yourself! Unless you’re a security professional or know someone that is, this means increasing the risk of incorrect installation of your home alarm system (especially the tricky outside high level bell).

Insurance company approved
Having a security alarm installed by a NACOSS NSI improved security installer will bring down the cost of home insurance policies, A DIY alarm installed by yourself will not.

Times are changing and Installing a DIY alarm system in your home has never been so easy with wireless home security Technology, the price difference between a DIY online alarm kit and a security company installed smart system can often be very little, and for me personally Knowing my alarm system has been installed correctly and that someone is on hand to assist me with any issues is might have is a big advantage and is one of the main reasons why I would recommend using a security installer.


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