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Intruder Alarms

Lets see how we can help answer any questions you have on Intruder / burglar alarms .

What are the benefits of a wireless alarm?

Wireless technology has no fuss which makes it easier to install with less disruption to your home, it also has the added flexibility of putting the detectors wherever required without the need to run a cable. Systems can have a mixture of wire free and hardwire devices this is called a hybrid system, and the movement detectors are identical in size with the magnetic contacts being slightly larger.

Are intruder alarms pet friendly?

Yes, it can but is all dependent on the pet’s size and the quantity. pet tolerant detectors are available which would make your system pet friendly.

Do you service alarms that you haven't installed?

Yes, this would depend on the type of system you have. If you contact the office they will happy to discuss this with you before we can agree an annual service and maintenance plan.

How do I change my keyholder's details?

If you contact the office directly they will be happy to change over your key holder details for you, this would need to be done in writing.

Who chooses the four digit code for the alarm panel?

You can – it’s not factory set and can be changed at any time please refer to our manuals on our website to find out how you can do this.
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How do I obtain a police response

The police will only respond if you have a professionally fitted intruder alarm with a signaling device, to get police response you need to have a system that is compliant to the relevant standards. If you need to regain Police response, or want to ensure your new system is compliant, contact us for more information.

Can existing systems be set up with remote access?

Yes, most new systems can, if you wish to discuss with the office team to see if your system is compatible please contact us.

Should I set up my burglar alarm at night

Yes, we always recommend you do. We will tailor the system to include the areas of the premises that you want protected and exclude others for the ‘night’ setting.

How do I reset my alarm system?

You can reset the system yourself, if you would like to refer to our alarm manual which can be found on our resources section on our website. If you have any further problems, please don’t hesitate to contact the office.

Can I buy additional tags / remotes for my system?

Yes, additional tags and remotes can be purchased and added to your system, please contact the office for more information and prices.

Fire Alarms

Lets see how we can help answer any questions you have on fire alarms .

My fire alarm glass broke and don't have a spare one, what can I do?

Turn the broken glass around (back to front) and re-insert it as a temporary fix until an engineer can attend site to replace it for you.

Alarm panel fault after power loss, what should I do?

Most fire panels have a latching fault feature. To clear the fault, use the silence alarm button and then the reset button. If you have any further problems please contact our office.

Contractors removed the detector / sounder on the system, and it went into fault, why?

The panel is designed to detect disturbance to any of its detection or sounder circuits. To clear the fault, use the silence alarm button and then the reset button. If any furthers problems, please contact the office.

FAQ's on Smoke / Fire Alarms

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