Is it time for a Smart Security Investment?

Here are All Secure Security’s six quick tips to keep your home and garden secure this summer.
Is it time for a Smart Security Investment?

At All Secure Security we specialise in Smart Home security alarms, With the growing market and products available now is a great time to invest in your security and to purchase a smart security system (the security solution for modern living). Smart Home security systems allow you to manage your entire home security system from anywhere via your smartphone, tablet or PC. Smart Home not only gives you complete control of your security but allows you to monitor or access your system wherever and whenever you like and with so many options and devices you can build your system to suit you and your needs.

What’s different about a smart alarm?
Smart alarms have the same components as a traditional wireless or wired home alarm consisting of a control panel, wall mounted keypad, movement detectors, door contacts and an external siren. On a smart alarm all of these are connected via your wireless router (home broadband), or GPRS signal over the GSM (mobile phone) network. The key difference of a Smart alarm is the level of ‘remote’ control you have over the alarm system and how the smart alarm communicates with you, when activated. This gives the traditional burglar alarm a whole new dimension and also can be very useful and handy for everyday reassurance such as Being notified when the kids get home from school, Alerts you when teenagers return home late at night, can let you know if an elderly relative has woken up and entered the kitchen etc.

More than just an alarm.
With so many options and devices to add on you can build your system to be more than just an intruder alarm, Options include
– CO2 detecting devices
– Flood detection devices
– Smoke alarms
– CCTV recording devices
– Microphones
– Panic Buttons
– Movement sensors and pad that can be stuck to objects

And many more.


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