Spring Cleaning your Home Security

It’s a great time for a spring clean! out with the old and bring in the new
Spring Cleaning your Home Security

As the days becomes longer and the weather begins to get warmer, we all know that Spring is upon us at last. It’s a great time for a spring clean! out with the old and bring in the new. So, whilst you’re cleaning, re-decorating or re-vamping, how about a springtime review of your security? There’s no better time to check your residential or commercial premises are safe and well protected.

Spring fresh View

It’s always important that you review regularly the security of your home or workspace. Things can change over time and systems can be enhanced with all the new options becoming available, but most importantly security systems and devices need a regular reviewing to make sure they are still working the way they should be.

Some security features are affected by the changing seasons of the year and these should form part of your review things such as dusting away cobwebs from devices, to cleaning lenses on CCTV Cameras, alongside other important provisions. Here are some tips and suggestions as to what you should be including in your springtime security checks.


With the cold temperatures becoming warmer, you might notice that door closers start to function differently. It’s essential to review and adjust both at the start of winter, and then again as the warmer weather begins, otherwise the closers simply won’t function properly. Make sure you give hinges and closers a good wipe down, ensuring that areas that need to be greased are greased etc.

Intruder alarm systems

Its recommended that an Intruder alarms should be serviced yearly to ensure they are functioning correctly for the coming year. When was the last time your alarm was serviced by an NSI approved engineer? It’s a requirement of Insurance providers that your alarm system is regularly maintained by an inspectorate listed company with minimum levels of accreditation such as NSI NACOSS Gold in order to be insurance compliant. Your springtime security review is a good time to check when your alarm was last serviced and to make sure if it hasn’t been serviced in a while to maybe book a service in, At All Secure Security we offer a range of options ranging from system takeovers to One Off engineer call outs to carry out a One off service on your system.


Certain things happen to windows as the weather changes so it’s essential to check them regularly to make sure they are closing and locking properly. Windows can swell depending on the temperature, sometimes failing to latch or becoming difficult to open. If your windows have been closed for much of the winter, be sure to open them now spring is here and check that they are not sticking and that they still lock properly.

Modern technology

This time of year is a great opportunity to consider whether any of your traditional and perhaps now dated security measures could be replaced with more modern alternatives. Smart security for example is taking over as connected devices become the norm in homes and business premises, and smart locks are fast becoming an integral part of intelligent home security systems. Why not take a look at how today’s technology could improve your home or business security?

If your looking for a fresh security system or looking to update or have your previous system serviced, please get in contact with the office where we will be more than happy to assist with your security needs.


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