Is your home security system Smart?

Security systems have further advanced within the last year! So, is your system up to date?
Is your home security system Smart?

Is your home security system Smart?

New Year New security

The Home security market is forever growing, changing and improving. Security systems have further advanced within the last year! So, is your system up to date and using the latest technology the industry has to offer?
Here are a few tips and reasons as to why you should stay ahead of intruders and stay as upgraded.

Older security systems are easier to crack.

The older the system the more common it is to intruders and burglars, with some systems being around for 20 or more years that’s 20 years’ experience the intruders have of cracking that intruder alarm.

Keep up to date with mobile technology

Older home security systems rely on landlines to communicate from, and 2G technologies. The latest and best systems that the market have to offer are wireless, so it is effective to upgrade to systems using 3G and 4G, cutting your costs in the process and gives you the ability to control your system from whenever and wherever you might be. The hassle-free element of wireless also makes installing wireless systems quick and easy without the hassle of wires.

Expand your system

The smart home is now a thing and with a click of a button you can turn on your microwave, heating and lighting within your home all from your smart device. Our smart system app allows you to arm and disarm your system from your smart device.
New products to arrive on the market last year included the smart door bell, smart CCTV that links to your smart app devices and allows you to monitor your home on the go, be sure to keep updated on new product launches.

Limiting entry spots.

The newer the home security system, the lower the risk of potential problems with that system. Automation has advanced and improved and so too has analysis and data collection from smart home systems, ensuring that with a new system you have the best chance of limiting the threat of burglars and intruders.

How can we help? If you’re thinking about stepping up your home security or your thinking of having a new system installed or an existing system upgraded please get in touch with us and we can discuss your options.


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