Pet Friendly Security Systems

Our dogs are our lives, we forgive them and always laugh at most things they do...
Pet Friendly Security Systems

Our dogs are our lives, we forgive them and always laugh at most things they do… But when it comes to being woken up during the night while they bark at nothing? This can always be a testing point. For Most people a dog barking at night is a reassurance that if you were to suffer a break in your guard dog would let you know.

Or would they?

Like many people in the UK we have one of Britain’s beloved dogs a Labrador (we love them so much that we have two). We often find ourselves laughing that if an intruder was to enter our house that they would more than likely greet them with a wagging tail and a big hello than a protective vicious bark.
We knew that to be protected we would need a home security system that would work for us but also work with our pets, the idea of our dogs setting the alarm off from walking around at all hours was vital to us.

What do you look out for when looking for a pet friendly intruder alarm system?

Almost all intruder alarms use a Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors which can detect movement using infrared light.
One big point to consider is how is your system going to tell the difference between a human being and your pet jack Russell or cat? Some alarm sensors can’t do this because they only have one field of view.
Whether it’s a human or your pet, the sensor is going to pick up the movement and send a signal to the control panel, which triggers the alarm to sound.
This can be a problem if your pets like ours are free to roam around inside your home. Do you really want the inconvenience of remembering to lock your dog or cat into a safe room because your house alarm isn’t pet friendly?

Getting the right detectors

Some PIRs have more than one field of view. To sound the alarm the multiple fields of view need to be activated together for the movement to trigger the alarm. So, one trigger point could be shoulder height and the other could be knee height, so when both of these are triggered it will sound the alarm.
So, if your dog jumps up or jumps onto the sofa, they won’t activate the alarm because they won’t trigger both motion detectors at the same time.
Other sensors pick up different signals, like weight. These can be programmed to suit all creatures great and small.
This means if you’re sleeping at night, or your out and about, you won’t suffer false alarms because of your furry friend.

Making sure you get the right alarm

For many a first option is going to your local DIY store and getting the equipment yourself to install it. More than likely with a DIY kit you will have to turn off your system because it consistently raises false alarms. Its always better to pay out for a professionally installed system that suits your particular requirements.
As All Secure Security are an NSI approved installer this means that you’ll get a qualified installer who knows what they’re doing. You’ll also get a good quality system, fitted and maintained to industry standards.
At All Secure Security your pet friendly house alarm will be designed for the particular requirements of you and your animals call the office to arrange a free quote.


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