DIY CCTV vs a professionally installed system.

Are you thinking of buying a CCTV system online or having a professionally installed system?
DIY CCTV vs a professionally installed system.

Are you thinking of buying a CCTV system online or having a professionally installed system? Here are some points to consider before making your purchase. The first point is all CCTV systems need to be installed, it’s your decision whether someone professional installs it or you install it yourself. The DIY installation will always show up as the cheapest option? but with a lower quality product often results in a false economy when you consider all the pitfalls of DIY.

Purchasing a system online and installing it yourself.

Before you begin with any piece of do it yourself equipment you will need to read the whole manual, if you are having issue you will need to spend time on the phone with customer service or listen to a pre-recorded set of directions when you do it yourself. This is quite an undertaking sometimes if you choose a complicated system. You’ll also need to hang equipment which involves ladder work, connect it to your network router which can often prove frustrating, and work out all the kinks on your own. If things go wrong, this can take up a lot of time.

Learning the system, yourself?

You’ve just spent the best part of the day installing your system and when you think your almost all done you now need to teach yourself how to use it. At All Secure Security when one of our professional security engineers comes out to install your CCTV system, they will walk you through it and show you how to use every feature. We are also on hand to assist with any problems 24 hours day 365 days a year. In the modern age we are all good at using technology However, CCTV can be a very complex field and is different from (Information Technology).

Are you sure you’ve installed it correctly?

When installing the equipment, yourself you might have to pay more for the equipment and you may not qualify for warranties if they can’t guarantee you installed your system correctly. This could get you into trouble down the line if your home suffers a burglary or fire and the insurance company claims the system was installed incorrectly. Having a professional do it gives you an iron-clad case.

Getting the job done efficiently and correctly by professionals.

Sometimes there are some jobs that need a professional input and experience and knowledge is a key tool when installing CCTV, it’s a skill that watching numerous YouTube video tutorials can provide.
Installing a CCTV system is not just about drilling up some cameras on the wall and plugging them into the recorder or TV. At All Secure Security are installation engineers are armed with experience, and when it comes to installing your system they know all the facts and best solutions for your system and where is best to place the equipment.

You get what you pay for

With stores increasingly selling ‘DIY systems’ such as Argos, Costco and amazon online the systems sold by these outlets are designed to be cheap and will result in you purchasing cheap hardware that is unlikely to last very long. The picture quality given by a professional system is unmatched by DIY systems with DIY footage often being unviewable and unusable in the event of a burglar or incident.
How will the information collected from the system be stored? Virtually all DIY systems do not contain a hard drive, The hard drive is what stores the video files for retrieval at a later stage when evidence is required This is a key point to consider when making a decision.

Below is a snapshot of a DIY installed system.

CCTV is not like going to Ikeas and buying a piece of build it yourself furniture, CCTV installation requires expertise and experience to ensure that your home or business is fully secured with a functional and fit for purpose system. If you are interested in having a quote, please call the office or email us to discuss options.


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