Burglaries are on the rise!

With a 22% Percent increase on robbery’s across Britain now more than ever its vital to make sure your home is well protected
Burglaries are on the rise!

Burglaries are on the rise!

With a 22% Percent increase on robbery’s across Britain now more than ever its vital to make sure your home is well protected against intruders. The latest national statistics for crime in England saw a 22% rise in burglaries within the UK in 2018, with 79,117 cases reported. If you put this into account with the amount of un-reported cases it can be quite alarming.

What are my options to protect my home?

An intruder alarm with a clearly visible outside siren bell is a great deterrent for burglaries, With the movement of technology and everything being smart nowadays we can control our systems from our mobiles. Its now as easy as part setting your system from the comfort of your bed before you go to sleep! Or being able to check your system status while on a beach thousands of miles away. Wireless technology gives you unlimited options to expand your system and build it to suit your needs, At All Secure security we specialise in working out the best solution for yourself and for your home, we evaluate your needs and requirements and add suggestions during our free no obligation survey.

CCTV cameras are a great visual deterrent for burglars to see they are being watched, with the ability to view your system from your phone it’s also a great tool for you to check on your home whenever and wherever you like. If your home is targeted and you have a CCTV system you instantly have evidence and proof for the police, which makes resolving the crime much quicker.

Smart Locks, Smart locks are a great way to protect and control who can enter your home, the new video door bells allow you to see and speak with whoever is at your door before opening the door, this helps to prevent unauthorised and forced entry. You can also unlock your door from your phone which is handy for when a family member has forgotten keys etc.

Perimeter beams aren’t your everyday normal house option when it comes to security, but they are a great option for larger homes with gated entrances, when the beam line is crossed at multiple points it will raise the alarm. Perimeter beams can also be used within the home to protect certain valuables for example safes, cars within the garage, wardrobes with high value goods etc.

With over 30 years industry experience At All secure security we cater for every sized home and business, we will meet with you at your home or business to hear your concerns and to discuss your security options. Our continued industry knowledge has allowed us to offer our customers the latest and best security options to suit them.

If you are concerned about your homes security please get in touch with us, where we will be more than happy to assist you.


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