Autumn is approaching - check your security measures

Autumn is coming and its time to start thinking about security measures to protect your premises...
Autumn is approaching - check your security measures

The children are just about to go back to school and the nights are drawing in, Halloween goodies are already starting to line the shelves, it can only mean one thing – Autumn is coming and its time to start thinking about security measures to protect your premises this autumn season.

General Maintenance

Is your alarm system in full working order? Have your intruder alarms, CCTV and security lighting been serviced by an accredited security company for full peace of mind knowing they are in working order for the year ahead. More often than not having your system checked yearly is a requirement of your insurers. Are you compliant and is your system running correctly?


Remote monitoring via IP CCTV will allow you to view and receive footage via the internet or to a mobile device. If a motion sensor triggers a recording, an alert will be sent to the device together with images or video footage. This will enable you to make the decision as to what action to take.
You should make regular checks to ensure the system is functioning correctly, and you will need to make sure your internet network connection is working fine and running.

Garden Maintenance

As advised in our previous blog post Autumn is a great time to get the garden ready for winter so Make sure the area around your building is well kept clean and visible by your security measures and that any shrubbery is cut back so that it doesn’t provide cover for an intruder. Ensure rubbish containers are stowed away or at least secured so that they cannot be used to gain access to the building. Also take care to lock away any materials that could be stolen or used to break in or for arson.

Winter holidays and Locking your property Up

On leaving the building, ensure all the windows and doors have been locked both internally and externally, including skylights and any other entryways. Before you lock the final exit, door and set the alarm, make a last check of the building to ensure there is no one left on the premises. And finally, lock any perimeter gates.


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