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Using Net2 Timesheet

Timesheet software

This program provides basic time and attendance reporting when used with the Net2 access control system.

A user must be defined as an operator to log in to Net2. The level of detail available is set by the operator privilege they are assigned.

For information on Operators please refer to: AN1073 - Net2 operators - Adding / Assign privileges

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Timesheet calculates 'Hours Worked' based on a users Clock In/Out times. This information can be displayed for a week, month, etc, and may be exported to a payroll package if required.

The Net2 server should be left running at all times or the clocking information may not be stored in the correct sequence.

Configuring Clocking In and Clocking Out readers

Before the Timesheet software can be used, at least one reader needs to be configured as a 'Clocking in reader' and another reader as a 'Clocking out reader'. This may be on the same ACU or a different one.

You can configure multiple Clocking In and Clocking Out readers if required.

Dedicated readers are required for Clocking In and Clocking Out and cannot be used to control access through a door. Separating these functions ensures accurate time and attendance information.

Reviewing staff working hours

How to edit a record

If a user clocks in/out at the wrong time (or forgets altogether) then it may be necessary to edit their record.

Once a record has been added the Clock in/out times can be edited by double clicking.

How to export hours worked information

User data can be exported to a payroll package if required. The information is exported in standard text or CSV (Comma Separated Variable) format.

How to configure holidays

Select a category (Full time, Part time, etc.) and then define their Holiday and Working day hours.

If an employee's holiday allowance needs to be adjusted outside of the normal entitlement; for example Mike Evans has been given an additional 2 days as a bonus, his record can be updated as follows.

An employee starting mid-year can have a minus (-) adjustment to reduce the entitlement from the full year.

See also the 'Transfer holiday' section to add unused holiday from a previous year.

Public holidays - import

Public holidays already set up in Net2 can be copied across to Timesheet.

In Net2, they are used to modify a users access rights during these holiday periods.

These are of use to Timesheet to record public holiday periods and removes the need to manually enter this data.

Select the option and then click 'OK'. The Public holiday dates from the Net2 Access system will then be imported into Timesheet.

Public Holidays can be viewed and edited in the Net2 Options menu.

Booking users holiday

Holiday is booked by selecting the 'Add entry' button from the toolbar and then select the user.

Select a holiday category and enter the start and end dates.

If a new holiday catagory needs to be created, select Options from the Tools menu.

Click on 'Add' and define a name. Once created you can set 'Yes' on 'Take as holiday'

How to generate a holiday report

Transferring unused holiday from a previous year

If there is holiday entitlement remaining from a previous year, it can be transferred across to the current year by selecting this option.

This will overwrite any existing entries in each users 'Holiday adjustment' column and should be run before any further changes to this value are made.

How to view a holiday chart

This chart displays all users or a department showing when users are absent through illness or holiday.

How to configure overtime rates

It is possible to configure special overtime rates.

The rate applies to time and NOT to money. For example 6 hours at Overtime(x1.5) becomes 9 hours.

Creating Automatic Alerts

Get an email alert when a staff member has a new timesheet category applied to their timesheet log. Useful examples would be altering when people are off sick, or have holiday applied.

Note: This requires the email server to be configured. Please see AN1067 Using Triggers and Actions

How to get LED or buzzer confirmation of clocking in/out

An LED or buzzer can be used to confirm that a user's token has been read correctly. When a token is presented to a Clocking in or out reader, relay 2 on that control unit switches momentarily. This output can be used to switch power to an LED or buzzer.

Who is In the building?

Operator / Event Log

Using Net2 Timeline

Net2 Timeline is a graphical representation of the data stored in the Net2 Timesheet. It allows you to further examine the data that created that record but cannot directly edit the information. It has additional features, like the event viewer, making it an ideal tool for HR departments.

See also:- AN1098 - Using Net2 Timeline < >

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