Paxton Net2 Invalidating Users and Tokens


Invalidating users and tokens Overview

There may be a number of reasons why you wish to invalidate a user or a token. For example, a user may lose their token, or leave the company.

Lost cards

If a token is marked as lost it will immediately be barred
from all doors. If it is presented at any reader on the system
a Lost Token event will be generated and no access is granted.

To mark the token as lost, open the user’s record, click on the Tokens tab, highlight the
token that has been lost and click the ‘Lost token’ button. A new token can then be issued to the user.

If a lost token is found again, select the token and Click the Found token button to reactivate it.

Deleting cards

A token can be deleted completely through the Tokens tab. Select the token and press the Delete button. If a token has been deleted from the database it can be re-used and issued to a new user.

Barring users

The user can be barred immediately from all doors by pressing the Bar user button. It may be necessary to do this if a user has been asked to leave the company.

Deleting user

A users record can be deleted by pressing the Delete record button. This will completely remove the user

record from the database. WARNING - This action cannot be undone.

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