Paxton Net2 Additional Workstation Software


Using Net2 Client software

The Net2 Client software allows Net2 operators to remotely connect with the PC running the Net2 application and server software. Multiple versions of this application can be used at the same time and can be established over most TCP/IP and VPN networks.

Client software presents the operator with a list of their Net2 sites, allowing a Head Office, to manage multiple sites all over the world.

The Net2 server PC contains the single database and server application which the workstation software can then access and update as required.

The software is included on the Net2 DVD. No additional licensing is required for the Client software and can be installed on as many machines as required.

For further information please see:

X AN1051 - Installing Net2 software < >
X Ins-189 - Multiple Workstation Software < >

Connecting to a remote Net2 Server

Once Net2 Client has been installed, you will see an additional screen at start-up. This will show a list of all the Net2 Servers that are on the same TCP sub-net mask.

If the server to which you want to connect is not shown, simply enter either the PC name, or it's IP address, and click OK.

The Application will start up and behave exactly the same as if you were running a standalone Net2 system.


Although there is no limit to the number of Workstations that can be connected to the server at any one time, there may be a reduction in speed when several are connected.

If you are unable to establish a connection to the server, ensure the following ports are open:

Version 4 software requires an additional port to be enabled through firewalls to allow access to the SQL database as follows:

Run the Net2 Server Configuration Utility and note the 'SQL TCP port' under the 'General' tab. Ensure that this port number is enabled through any security software to allow TCP access.

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