Paxton Installing Net2 Software


The current specification for compatible PC hardware, network and operating systems is available on our website at the following link:-

User name: System Engineer

Password: net2

1. Load the DVD into the drive or download the latest
version from:

2. The setup application can be automatically run from the DVD (if auto run is enabled), otherwise setup can be run using Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs or by browsing to the DVD drive and running Setup.exe. If you have downloaded the software, extract the contents of the zipped file and browse to the Setup.exe file located in the Install folder.

3. Select the version of software that you wish to install.

Net2 Pro

This requires a Pro key supplied when purchasing the DVD. It includes all the standard features and also a host of advanced PC based features. (Roll call, Anti-passback, etc.)

Features of Net2 Pro

Net2 Lite

This is free and will enable the basic features required for access control.

Net2 Client

This is free and allows a Net2 client to be installed anywhere on a suitable TCP/IP network to access the Net2 database on the server PC.

Net2 Demo

This creates a demonstration database with doors and users already on the system. Random events will simulate activity similar to a real site. You may also connect to a demonstration case for added realism.

4. The default location for the application is C:\Program Files\Paxton Access. The application location can be changed by clicking Options next to Install and using the browse button to select a location for the application files.

5. Select whether the Net2 shortcuts should be added to the desktop and enable server browsing if required. Server Browsing allows you to browse to different Net2 Servers on the same LAN. This is enabled by default for all Client installations to allow you to browse to the Net2 server on the LAN.

Click OK or Cancel to revert back to the install screen.

6. Please read and agree to the end user licence agreement by checking the box

7. Click Install to continue. The installation will now begin and a progress bar will indicate the progression of the installation. The Net2 software consists of the application program and the database where events, user details, system information etc. are held.

8. On completion of the installation you will be offered the choice to Launch Net2 or it can be started by double-clicking on the shortcut on the desktop.

9. When starting Net2 Pro for the first time you will be asked to activate the Pro Licence. Should you have an existing Net2 Pro database this may be imported into an installation of Net2 and the system will continue as Pro without needing to be activated. This should be imported via the configuration utility prior to starting the Net2 software.

Should you wish to upgrade a database older than Net2 V5, please consult Paxton Access Technical support.

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