What are Burglars looking for?

What steps can you take to stop intruders from taking your possessions.
What are Burglars looking for?

What do burglars steal? where will they look? What steps can you take to stop intruders from taking your possessions. Burglars are looking for items that are easy to carry and that they can sell quickly. A precious diamond ring can be worth a dozen used TVs (that are heavy to carry and hard to shift), the diamond ring is much easier to carry and easier to sell. Here are some tips to help protect your home and your stuff from lazy thieves.

They know what they are looking for!

Burglars work very fast: the average burglary takes 8-10 minutes. A burglar will come in and know exactly what they are after and can judge something that will be easy-to-sell afterwards. If you understand what burglars steal, you can more easily protect your property:

• Cash: It’s untraceable and portable.
• Small electronics, like laptops, gaming systems, and tablets that can be factory restored and sold on without being traced.
• Jewellery: It’s Easy to carry and even easier to sell/Pawn.
• Personal identification: By stealing your identity and bank information this means the burglar can keep coming back for more without returning to your house.
• Liquor: Most Burglars won’t come looking for liquor, but they won’t turn down a free bottle either.
• Medication: Many prescription drugs have a high street value. They’re also easy to carry.
• Pets: Dog thefts are on the rise and in particular popular breeds such as French bull dogs. Burglars have even been known to steal prized fish from ponds also.

They know where to look!

We all keep our valuables in our bedrooms (often on our bedside table), so burglars make that their first stop. The fancy jewellery box on your dresser is a gold mine to a burglar, your wallet next to your bedside containing cash is easily picked up, expensive clothing, designer bags and shoes can all easily be taken.
Teenagers Bedrooms are often stocked with electronics, from games to computers and tablets, and other sought-after items. Then there’s the family living room, home office, or even your home study. Those are great places to find personal financial information, and more electronics.
If there’s time, the burglar may even go into the garage as they leave your property, your Power tools and other small items are anonymous and easy to sell on.

A great tip is to take a walk through your house and try to look at it with “new eyes.” That pile of unopened mail on the kitchen counter may have bank and credit card statements? Can this be kept in a less obvious location. That jewellery box in the bedroom might as well have a Neon sign above it? Could this be kept in a wardrobe.

Protect your home with a security system

Burglars are always on the lookout for easy targets. If your house has a Intruder alarm or CCTV security system, if you have dogs, and no easy way to get inside, they’ll go elsewhere.
Now that you know what burglars steal and where they look, you can make their work more difficult. If you haven’t installed a security system yet, take steps to deter Intruders.
• Keep personal information hidden away or locked in a filing cabinet.
• Don’t store valuables in obvious places, like jewellery boxes.
• Hide your electronic devices.
• Lock your wardrobes or even install a bolt down safe.

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