Spring Clean your Security

Spring tips for cleaning up your Home Security. With the warmer weather and longer days approaching...
Spring Clean your Security

Spring tips for cleaning up your Home Security.

With the warmer weather and longer days approaching this means we tend to spend a lot more time outside, it also means the expensive equipment and BBQs that have been hibernating in our sheds all winter now start to make appearances again.

Here are some helpful security Spring tips for both inside and outside to consider.

  • Do you have a security alarm or CCTV? CCTV and alarms can provide around the clock monitoring and surveillance giving you peace of mind that your property is safe. At All Secure Security, we offer a range of solutions to suit your needs.
  • When spring cleaning your home be sure to clean away those winter cobwebs and surface dust from your security detectors, insects and cobwebs can set your system set off, so be sure to be thorough when cleaning through your home.
  • Over the wet winter months CCTV lenses can become dirty and hazy from the harsh weather, give your lenses a wipe over to ensure you have a crisp and sharp image (you want to see an intruder’s face not a dirty lens blur).
  • With the weather now getting warming your more inclined to leave windows open, doors ajar, make sure when leaving your home to remember to check all access points are closed and secured.
  • With the summer months approaching and upcoming holidays being planned be sure to think about making your home looked lived in, an empty house is far more likely to be targeted. Simple deterrents such as light timers and TV Light simulators are great affordable deterrents for this.

Outside security Spring clean tips.

The average value of shed contents within the UK has been estimated at more than £1000. Criminals know that many people store pricey lawnmowers, BBQ’s and bikes in their garden shed or garage. Many homes in the UK don’t lock there sheds or use a cheap lock for protection.

Here are some tips to help you protect your shed contents.

  • Make sure you use a strong closed shackle, padlock, hasp and staple or use a strong metal shed bar which offers improved protection for the whole door.
  • Consider installing a shed/garage Burglar alarm or extending your current system to cover your outbuildings.
  • Try to lock Bikes together making them harder to move.
  • Consider fitting an anchor point to secure larger items using a padlock and chain.
  • It’s the little things that can add up so be sure to Lock away small hand tools within a secure cabinet inside the shed or garage.
  • Always keep gates and entrances closed and repair any damaged fences.
  • Does your garden have good hiding spots for intruders and burglars? Overgrown trees and hedges make great hiding spots, be sure to keep your external areas neat and clear as possible so that there is nowhere to easily hide for intruders. Outside motion detected security lighting is one of the best solutions, which makes it impossible to go near your home without being seen.

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