NewYear New Home Security!

It’s very important for you and your family members to feel safe and comfortable in and around the home.
NewYear New Home Security!

It’s very important for you and your family members to feel safe and comfortable in and around the home. If safety has become a concern, you may be researching home security systems or have a New Year’s resolution to increase home security. If you don’t know where to start, here are some home security tips to consider.

Don’t Be an Easy Target for Burglars!

On TV shows, all sorts of expensive, high-tech gadgets are used to break into businesses and houses in seconds flat, regardless of home security systems, but that’s television. Back in the real world, the average burglar is more interested in looking for an easy target that doesn’t require a lot of work or risk. Thieves want to get in, get the goods, and get out FAST. As a homeowner, it’s your job to make sure that your home doesn’t look like an easy target.

New Year Security tips – Windows

Most homeowners would never leave a door unlocked when they leave the house. Unfortunately, windows are often left unlocked and sometimes even wide open. Thieves gladly make use of this situation to let themselves into first floor windows on the back of the house and sometimes upper floor windows as well if there is a convenient tree or trellis to climb. Check that all of your windows close and lock properly. Convince your family to keep windows locked whenever possible, especially during the work/school day. For an added layer of security, consider one of our wireless home security systems.

New year security tips – Doors

Because the front door of the home is usually in full view of the street, burglars often target other entrances. This means that all entrances to the home require a high level of security.
You’ll be able to monitor your home’s security from anywhere if you install one of the internet compatible home security systems. you will be notified of a break-in by the monitoring station.

New year security tips – Lights

The lighting patterns of your home tell a story about you, whether you like it or not. For example, when you drive past a completely dark home on a winter evening, you know that no one is home, right? Well, thieves know this, too. They watch homes both in the day and at night to see if there are any changes in the lighting patterns. If there are no people around and the outside lights are on day and night, they know the homeowner is away and it’s safe to break in. This is why proper lighting acts as a deterrent to thieves. Some areas that need good lighting around the home include:
The front door/entry way: Use a timer or day/night senors to keep your front door lit up after dark.
The front walkway: Lights on the front walk are more about safety than security. Set them up on the same timer as the front entry lights.
The driveway/car parking area: Thieves want to avoid light (and being seen), so keep your cars well lit if parked outside.
The back door: Most people don’t want to light the backyard all night so a motion sensor is a good choice for side entrances, back doors and patio door entrances.
Inside: Don’t forget to put lights on timers inside your home. Even if you’re just away for a short weekend, you still want your home to look like your family is moving about inside in the evening. Timers are easy to set up and inexpensive.Benefits of a Wireless Home Security Systems

Benefits of a wireless Smart security system

Advances in technology are making home security systems more affordable for the average homeowner. At the same time, wireless smart technology has allowed the home security industry to provide customers with more useful services than ever before. The benefits to the homeowner include:
Quicker to install than older wired systems which means no damage to the walls with drilling and wires,
Remote access to security information and settings from any internet device including your smart phone, giving you the ability to control your security wherever and whenever you need to,
A visible security box is a major deterrent to theft by itself.
Home security is a big concern for many. If you or your family doesn’t feel secure or you have a New Year’s resolution involving home security systems, we can help, Contact us today for more information on a security system.


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